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More Rain Seaside,waterfalls and dead end roads not to mention Island visits! Oh and the odd castle�

Well another night of high winds and rain followed by a constant deluge all day. As such not able to work today so we were given the day off and will work Sunday instead. Visit from colleagues from another site on the morning. It was nice to catch up with a couple of new starters and start the networking process.

We decided to head out for a drive to the local town 16 miles away stopped for a sandwich at the local coop and then headed over the bridge to the isle of Sky for the first time it’s massive which was a surprise quite populated on the coast but as we found out by mistake not so much in the centre!!

Lunch by the sea...

We then headed back and decided to take a detour thinking it was a shortcut. In turned out to be a single track road to nowhere but stunning views waterfalls an very scary roads poor old Rae🥺

We had to turn round and do the road in reverse very happy Rae!

On the way back we passed a castle that’s used extensively in movies including Jame Bond apparently. It’s been great seeing it like this and we will revisit when and if the sun comes out!

Weather warning remains in force but it looks like we are coming to the end god willing! At least the wind is dropping so we may get an uninterrupted nights sleep 🤞.

Lukes birthday 🥳. Managed a quick poorly connected FaceTime call🎂.

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