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More summer than Scotland in the summer!

The campsite is ideally situated by the beach with a bustling town just behind a small forest area . The sites amenities are first class and we are situated very close to the showers and toilets. They are impeccably clean. We made use of the washing machines and dryers and have rigged up clothes lines for the rest.

Our fellow campers are mainly Dutch and German we've only spotted one other UK registration plate so far. It's nice not to have to keep making small talk.

Rae had her Spanish top up lesson and when she finished we got on our bikes for a reconnoiter.

We have just found out Cadiz is an island connected by 3 road bridges! Who knew? Only one of them is cyclable. Anyway we set off in the opposite direction.

With views of one of the connecting bridges. We were able too cycle along the beach which was a rare treat.

And when the sand became soft we could make use of the boardwalk.

For a first look around it was very successful capped

off with a coffee and an alcohol free beer. Surprisingly tasty and sadly a first for me.

We turned the dogs chariot into a shopping trolley and walked through the woods and town to Lidl . Works really well as we leave the dog in the cart and then he walks back as the shopping replaces him.

Another blistering hot day tomorrow. It's actually an ideal temperature of around about 70. But it's cooler out of the sun and the nights are comfortable to sleep in.

Not sure what we are up to tomorrow. Life is a lot easier with the sunshine as company. It's given us the chance to air out the van and some of the damp


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