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Morning awakening to English castles

We awoke to morning mist and very poor visibility. We decided to chance it and set off towards Symonds Yat a famed view point with the bonus of having a disused railway line as a path .

Yep that's the path and we followed the path some five miles and came across this bridge.

Decided that this was not fit for bikes and headed on wards . Lots of forest but not much of a view

We followed the river past a few cafes and saw a sign to a castle. We decided to follow this and ended up in England and after viewing the prices decided to skirt payment and picnic outside. This is probably the best picnic place we've experienced ever . On one side this.

And on the other this.

You can see why they built a castle here. We then headed back and decided to climb a massive hill to a renowned view point. At one point we had to push the bikes up a hill as the gradient was so severe. But the views.,,....

And the other way.

We then headed down hill with a little trepidation as it was a fierce gradient.

Got to the bottom and Rae took her first stint on the new bike.

The return journey was uneventful and we returned to the van.

I headed off to grab some dehumidifiers form home bargains got lost on the way home to see a bat hunting in daylight and a kingfisher streaking down a river close to the campsite. Phoned Rae and we both spent a pleasant time watching them on opposite sides of the river. Beats East Enders 😊.

Rain forecast for tomorrow so we have insulation to install. Following that a day mooching about in Monmouth before we head off to Brecon.

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