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Morning views and evening strolls with a strange beastie.

Woke up to the above and the below

It’s the middle of May! The day was one of the nicest we have had in a while. Every thing is easier when the sun is out. Cleared an area with Simon. It’s good to work on something that makes a noticeable difference. New arrivals as usual interesting people coming and going! Enjoying the random conversations with random people!

Not on duty tonight so get to go out for an after work walk. We are missing them! Found another antler only 4 pointer but this years. Becoming a bit of an obsession.

Great views

Split up antler hunting. Gordon found a deers hoof very happy!

That’s Rae in the distance.

Finaly a rare and timid Highland beastie!

A relative of Nessie perhaps 🤔.

Day off tomorrow no firm plans so far!

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