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Munro’s,task completed and short sleeved evening walk.

We met a man called Nick a few days ago he was 80 years old who was climbing all 282 or so Munro’s in Scotland. Now a Munro is defined as being over 3,000 ft Ben Nevis is of course the highest at 4200 and something. Apparently the numbers fluctuate and one was demoted as it had lost 1 ft in height. If you say that the average Munro’s 3500 then times that by 282 which gives you 987000 approximately 187.00 miles up and then of course 187.00 miles down plus the bits in between.You will agree that this is impressive. He set out to raise money for osteoporosis and dementia both of which his wife suffers with so far he has raised 25 K 5 times what he set out raise. Inspirational!

We spent the day finishing of our project

Then filling it up with herbs bought yesterday. We hope our soon to be guests will help themselves!

Rae continued planting the Alpine plants.

Luckily Gordon was on hand to offer advice an assistance.

Off out for an evening stroll past neighbours

Circuit walk alongside the loch and

home. A beautiful evening!

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