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Murder in the skies.

A grey and latterly wet day. With more rain expected we are battening down the hatches. Still no sign of any thunderstorms although the weather warnings remain in place for the next 3 days.

I continue to struggle to get my covid injections recognised either in England or Scotland. The problem is that I have had one dose in each country and as such cannot get either country to issue me a prove of injection. It’s not an uncommon problem but one that currently seems intractable. The BBC are investigating and I have at their request submitted a statement. We shall see what happens. Otherwise I’m minded to rock up at a walk in centre and have a third dose. This will mean that I have 2 doses in Scotland so they will be able to issue a compliance certificate. I have checked and 3 doses of the Pfizer has been passed as safe in The USA.

This morning we watched as 3 helicopters flew overhead in formation. A little strange. Later they returned with 3 beautiful but dead Red deer 🦌 with antlers suspended underneath. Sheik Mansour was obviously bored so had set off for a slaughter fest. Well worth the time and effort put into maintaining his 64,000 acre playground.

Our working day was curtailed by the weather but we managed to dodge the showers and lop off a few overhanging trees. Same arrangement as yesterday I loped Rae collected. Again I assure you her choice.

Not one but two

We are working tomorrow and are formulating our last hurrah in the Highlands for when we leave in mid October. The top picture is of a white tailed eagle taken by Bill not unfortunately up here. They have released more breeding pairs in the IOW so hopefully these magnificent creatures will become an increasing common sight down south as well!

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