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Music and faffing

It was a fantastic evening last night the band was full of energy and with the brass section it was proper foot stomping stuff. Grandson even tapped his feet a couple of times. It was his first gig and it will be hard for him to find another one as good.

Awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed. Tried to sort out spare tyre holder for the van with no success.

Had better luck with the bike that's now all ready to go.

We made the most of the day with a late afternoon stroll around the lakes.

A beautiful windless day with the lakes crystal clear. Not often you see them like this.

Unfortunately the recent rains mean that parts of the walk were impassable so we had to turn around.

Tomorrow it's looking very wet so I'm heading to Winchester to meet my sister while Rae is off to Fareham to meet up with and ex work colleague.

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