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Nearly ready

So the van went into the garage for repairs and we thought it would be a good idea to head to the coast whilst we waited. Unfortunately the weather on the coast was overcast and to be honest a little more chilly than expected.

Those are oyster catchers in the foreground. We got a very brief bit of sunshine but it was fleeting.

The weather from where we came from some 7 miles inland was sunny and cloudless. It suited the dog and gave my foot a day off.

We had a wander around the charity shops a coffe and a cake and collected the van. Another £400 but it's stuff that one should expect on a van of a certain vintage.

We returned to the site and are packing up for the oft delayed road trip.

We have bathed the dog (not happy )

Won't look at me!

Washing,showering humans turn and other camper van chores. We should be ready for an early start. First stop Berwick and then we see. It's nice to have no plans and the flexibility that van life offers.

We have received the new steps that make entry and exit easier for Gordon and in fairness us too.

Added to the camouflage, melting into the background look we have been aiming for 🫠!

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