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Need to rest it😏

We walked up into the village to watch the final this morning. We got there in good time. Had a great breakfast before the game started. It went downhill from there. To say the Scots are underwhelmed would be an understatement. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. We had the fleeting company of a few early morning drinkers. Needless to say they were not invested in the game. Surprisingly it remains the same mantra we support Scotland and anyone else England are playing. A little softer than the men's game but omnipresent. They played well and it was a good game to watch for the neutral. Spain were deserved winners.

That's as busy as it got. Probably didn't need too book!

The foot remains troublesome. It got better quickly to this point. I can't seem too move it on from here. I will try a novel approach and rest it for a couple of days. Someone not to distant has been recommending this course of action from the start. I was hoping to walk it off but not achieving the desired result.

Tomorrow we will try to get to the swimming pool as the local one is closed for refurbishment. We have a couple of days before we head south to Cumbria for a festival. At this stage it's looking a little soggy but fingers crossed!

Our investment in an anti squirrel bird feeder seems a little questionable?

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