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Needed to reassured by Rae after leak discovered!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

One of the disadvantages of 4 wheel living is the inconsistent internet coverage. Which in itself is a paradox because one of the reasons we decided to do this was to disconnect a little from modern life?

Anyhow we slept better last night as we had our own Gurkha guards. It was the first time that we have had proper rain and as a consequence our first leak. After the initial conversation and various mutterings of what the fuck are we doing we managed to gain a bit of perspective realised it's a small leak and we think we the stuff, the tools and an imbecile to apply both.

We decided to move away from our security contingent as they were obviously preparing for a big event . We later discovered that there is a 100 k run taking place in aid of Gurkhas charities organised by Oxfam some determined people!

We decided to take a pause on the walking as rain was forecast and we headed off to Petworth House a National Trust property. Large art display with many Turners on display.

Very interesting tour guide and beautiful grounds and large deer park. We will have to return at a future date as there as too much to see.

We had a look round Petworth a very up market town with many a pink chino in evidence! It's the only place I've been where antique shops are the predominant business with only 1 charity shop.

From there we headed to Midhurst cowdray park and polo fields. This is truly an affluent area.

We returned to the Lay-by van in tact and hopefully resealed the leaking sky light.

Next to the lay-bye is a field of recently harvested sweet corn a bonus as there were some left behind that we are cooking up for supper.

We continue to adjus and adapt to the new lifestyle. Thinking that we may in general use free camping whilst in transit in this country but we shall see.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be improved so we will set off on the next stage of tge walk from Cocking to Amberly some 15 miles of hill walking.

Lack of photos due to poor internet!

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