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We had a walk round the town last night. The three kings had taken up residence in the castle. The que of kids snaked around square. It's a big night tomorrow as they will be visiting kids with their presents.

It rained heavily last night which coincided with the dog having an upset stomach so we were up and in the rain on several occasions. Neither we or the dog were impressed!

This morning we walked to the train station across and unfamiliar scene of a cloudy beach.

We picked the car up as the skies cleared and eventually got to cross the bridge that has been a backdrop for our time here.

We the drove to a town called Rosta we had been attempting to ride the bikes there on several occasions but had been thwarted by the naval base. As it turned out it was lucky we hadn't followed the road as it was a very un bike friendly


The town itself was a pleasant surprise. Another coastal town with vast expanses of beaches with no one on them. It is obviously a very popular destination in the summer. Unlike British seaside towns the weather in the winter is still conducive for beach life!

As we rounded the headland we came across these ancient structures. They are the oldest structures in the whole of Andulucia no one is sure if who built them but they may predate the Romans. They are a set of 5 fish traps. The idea is that they fill up with fish during high tide and the fish are stranded as the tide goes out. You the wade about spearing them or netting them. Simple but effective. It's amazing that they remain intact for centuries. No idea how they remain intact given that they are continuously being pounded by the elements.

The car will give us a greater choice of destination for the next 8 days. The van is currently being storm lashed with heavy rain and the occasional flash of lightning. It does appear to be very considerate the weather as the only time it has rained is at night!

It's the evening of the big parade tomorrow as it's 12th night eve. The morning after the children will wake up to presents 🎁.

We are hoping to explore the big nature reserve tomorrow weather permitting.

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