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New beginnings back to winter

I guess it was inevitable beautiful sunshine up until we open it’s been raining all day today . First guest arrived at 7.50 last one arrived 18.00. I’ve walked 8 miles and not left the site.Rae has been hard at it learning the ropes in the office.

Meet the Morvich team on our first day of opening. Thank you Judith and Simon for your support and patience thus far!

A lot of time spent ensuring people park there vans correctly to ensure safety in the event of fire.Something that should be so simple is unbelievably difficult for some people to understand? Once again it’s gaining insight into the trials and tribulations of running a site. Having said that its been great to have different conversations and to see people!!!

Gordon is struggling to come to terms with the fact that there are all these people and dogs in his garden. We have been so lucky to experience this country in relative isolation, now it’s time to share😏.

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