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New Doctors severe weather warnings and hardy locals

Decided that we would all work tomorrow and have today off. Partly due to the fact that the team wash up following the visit of yesterday finished at gone midnight 😱. However we needed to change GPs as unfortunately the one we initially registered with is apparently not the right catchment area. Rae’s happy as the route is no longer a single track mountain rd , it’s now a tranquil A road running alongside a beautiful loch with castle ( think Braveheart). Simon and Judith very kindly gave us a lift as they needed to register as well. We all already miss our old GP🥺. The new one boasts a severe and scary receptionist! It was almost like being at home. There’s a great view of the Sky bridge a railway station to Inverness 2.5 hours, looking forward to that trip, apparently very scenic. Town is small but with more people in 1 shop than we have seen in 2 weeks a little jarring to be honest.

Snows back on the mountains which still gives us joy.Weather is dramatic in all aspects winds torrential rain hail and beautiful sunshine in an hour it’s still something we are getting our heads round.

At the risk of being called a southern softie again( you know who you are) we now have our first severe weather warning. Unbelivable if what we have experienced so far is not classified as severe then wtf!!! 3 days of rain from tomorrow river that runs alongside us is already a torrent beautiful to look at but apparently all we’ve had so far is showers. We will keep you updated pod is on legs so at least we raise them if needed 🤡

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