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New glasses hairstyle and we may have improved the heating system!

A overcast and grey day with no rain and temperatures in single figures. Early appointment with opticians in Shirley and a bit of outdoor stuff shopping. With a haircut in the afternoon for Rae.

In between we took the boys out for a walk in the forest.

As always a great way to destress exercise and chill.

The heating in the van continues to be erratic and we spent some time changing the vents around to try get a more efficient heating system in place. It seems to be working so far. We will seek some professional advice tomorrow.

Visited family in the evening before returning to the van.

Tomorrow going to give blood in the morning, take the van into the mechanics to sort out a couple of minor issues and then meeting sister for lunch at the old family pub where we all grew up. It's been sold and renovated so it will be interesting to see what it looks like now.

Thinking of moving van off the industrial estate for a couple of days and wondering wether we will be able too survive temperatures as low as -5.

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