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New phone after work walk winds and a shy otter 🦦

A drab and blustery day with showers which improved towards the end of the day. We took advantage of the break in the weather to grab a walk down to the loch to see if we could spot the otters. One popped up in front of Rae unfortunately her shout of excitement scared him off after the brief eye to eye contact. As I’m sure Mr Attenborough will confirm nature spotting takes time and commitment so I’m committed and determined in my quest to see them.

As you can see the loch was windswept and choppy.

The day was spent hedge trimming and general ground maintenance. Our new iPhone arrived it has a superior camera which will we hope enable us to improve the pictures taken.

Tomorrow is another work day and the weather is a supposed to be a repeat of today. The plus is that high wins means no midges!

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