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New projects and mended fences

A beautiful day calm warm with the remaining snow still on the surrounding mountains,

Day was spent digging out old fence post and putting in new one.

A new endeavour for me 😎.

We also constructed 2 planters for herbs. The idea is that we place them strategically around the site so that people can take what they need for cooking or whatever!

See picture of a very smug Rae.

Off to Inverness tomorrow to deliver scarifyer back from whence it came. To our sister site in Culloden.

We will take the opportunity to buy herbs and alpine plants( apparently suitable for the climate hereabouts).

All ready for an early start aproximately 150 miles round trip. Our nearest big town,apparently a beautiful drive alongside the banks of Loch Ness. Wanted to do this drive prior to the floodgates opening. There’s a train that runs from Kyle ( local town) to Inverness which is supposed to be beautiful looking forward to that trip later.

The site is mostly ready to open just a final rush round prior to the big day still expected to be the 26th of this month.

Prince Philip was the Patron of the CAMC and as such flag is at half mast until Saturday the day of the funeral

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