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No cake but a good day out!

The weather was not ideal so we decided to jump in the car and explore the local area. With this in mind we decided to take the car and drive to Dundee. A town that is famous for its football club and its cake. We saw the football lights but no cake.

The Tay bridge is the longest bridge in Europe apparently. Not sure if that's just river bridge but whatever it was worth a look.

This is the side view.

From underneath it looks a little like this.

So we decided to walk across as it was there. It's 1/5 miles long and the path is right down the middle.

The views were a little obscured by the fog and it wasn't a peaceful walk as you have traffic rushing on both directions.

That's looking upstream at the railway bridge.

It was only a 35 minute drive and we will come back agai to explore further.

There's the V and A museum.

Art galleries and various sculptures dotted around the city.

Like this one

And this!

It was good day out and we will definitely return to have a proper look .

Got back to the campsite and took Gordon out for a quick spin in the adjacent country park.

We've just heard that the council have passed our claim so a good day and £11000 saved😎.

That's HMS unicorn so saved for another day.

Weather a bit hit and miss tomorrow but we will head for the coast to have a look around.

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