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No car and an unexpected long walk to the lang toun

Still not got the car back but they say that they have resolved the emissions issue but still need to fix the brakes. This delayed our day it was supposed to be raining all day but Rae suggested a walk to Kilkaldy (The lang toun).

Down the old road dating back to the 14th century.

With a modern twist.

A view of the bridge that Mary Queen of Scots travelled over. Still in tact and one if the oldest bridges in Scotland.

Across the fields. By this time we were beginning realise that the walk was a lot longer than we had expected.

We eventually found the coastal path that should have been a straightforward route into the town. Unfortunately the path was closed and there was a diversion in place. This added a mile or so.

But the rain held off and there was no wind.

After a bit of roadwork we ended up back in one ok Kilkaldys parks.

Which is guarded by this beast.

Tomorrow rain is again expected. We are still waiting for definitive news as regards the car. It's lucky we are not reliant on it as it will have been 5 days from its original MOT date.

We got the train back and it ended up being a 13 mile walk all in all. It was good weather and mostly a good walk. So win win!

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