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No home and LPG

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We left Bridport and made a stop in Lyme Regis to pick up another rug for the van.

Grabbed a bit of lunch before heading towards Newton Abbott.The plan was to rock up to a man I had spoken to a week or so ago for him to look and see wether he could install an LPG system into the van.

Fortunately he had had an unexpected cancellation so he was able to fit us in in the afternoon. We now have a system where we can interchange Calor and LPG as and when required.

Whilst the man sorted it out we went out for a stroll with Gordon up and over with great views of the Devon countryside.

Surprisingly nice walk for the edge of a large industrial town.

When the installation was completed we made the mistake of going to find a LPG station to fill up rather than finding somewhere to stay for the night. We spent a frustrating hour or so wandering around tiny country lanes in the pitch black with rain starting. Many awkward moments but eventually good a small carpark on the estuary. Can't tell what it's like but we do have swans for neighbours.

Lesson learned look for somewhere to stop in daylight.

I will add pictures when we get internet connection 🤞

Woke up next morning to the above and behind.

Moved on as a little exposed to the road and in the middle of nowhere!

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