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No 🐿 unexpected waterfall and a possible Bill.

The day was a lot more changeable than we were expecting. Torrential downpours followed by brilliant sunshine. The advantage is that we can sit in the cab and watch the rain blowing towards us up along the loch.

We went off for a walk in the local forest in the hopes of seeing some red squirrels. Apparently this is the time of year to see them as they are out of the trees foraging for winter food fungi and the like. Sadly no sighting.We have seen loads of them on a visit to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

Not one we saw today obviously.

We carried on walking following signs for a waterfall. We were undecided on which way to go so asked a random person who looked like and sounded like Bill Odie. So much so we on the balance of probabilities think it was! The waterfalls were beautiful.

There were various viewing points on the way down.

Lastly this one

We then wended our way back to the van past the estuary

And the rapids on the entrance to the site

It is a very beautiful site enhanced by the position we have and the fact that it’s free.

We sit watching the sunset and plan for our visit tomorrow to Glen Coe. We are visiting the plot of land that we were given that entitles us to call ourselves Lord and Lady Westmacott

As the sun begins to set we have a spectacular ringside seat.

Then this

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