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Noah would have been worried worried

The kelpies were magnificent last night the lights the rain and the atmosphere enhanced the experience.

It was the worst rain that we had experienced this year so far. It was unrelenting all night and throughout the morning. The customary leakage points continued to seep. Luckily not onto the seating or sleeping areas. According to the forecast we we were heading away from the worst of it as we headed south.

It was difficult driving conditions made worse by the usual twats on the road. We were well on our way when we heard Police Scotlands announcement that only essential travel should be considered.

Needless to say we arrived in Lockerbie safely.

A place that I had heard lots about and seen signposted every time we drive to and from Scotland.

A very sad reminder of the cost of senseless violence.

It is a fitting memorial for all those who list their lives.

Across the road from the graveyard and memorial site was a woodland nature reserve. We had a pleasant walk around looking out across the fields.

By this time the weather had greatly improved.

We are staying at Gretna for a couple of nights. There's a large outlet village along with the wedding venue. It will give us a chance to have a look around before planning the next leg of the trip.

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