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Not a campsite and a surprisingly good walk!

We left the security of the campsite and headed off to Upper Beeding the start of the last leg and the end of the next. Left the car there and headed towards Lewes which is going to be the start of the next 15 miles. On the way we decided to take a slight diversion as tomorrow is supposed to bring rain and gale force winds. We heard there was an accessible free parking spot on the hills overlooking Brighton.

The idea is to weather the storm here before starting the walk on Saturday. We may head down to the marina tomorrow or spend a couple of nights here.

We are sandwiched between a golf course and a main road.

We headed off for a stroll which turned into a 10 mile walk. This encompassed the golf course, housing estates, parks, roads, forest, town and beach. The new map app we have purchased'all terrain' is certainly proving to be very useful.

A snapshot of the walk .

We arrived back at the van as the sun was setting.

This way of life is certainly not boring but is taking some adjustment and there are and will continue to be some steep learning curves.

Tomorrow we are making the most of the morning then hunkering down for when the storm hits.

We are hoping to do some forward planning looking at securing a base to operate from next year and work out what we need to do when we head to Europe in January and February!

Oh nearly forgot the almost obligatory Gordon picture with friend.

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