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Not a particularly good day.

Another beautiful picture from Bill of a Golden Eagle in action. The weather has been atrocious strong winds, torrential rain and with hail thrown in. There was even the odd rumble of thunder in the distance. Amongst all of this we were tasked with completing an assessment of outdoor machinery. We were tested on hand mowers,strimer, hedge cutter, tractor, sit on mower and leaf blower. The weather did not help in the slightest and we were a little surprised that the assessment went ahead . However it did and the assessment was difficult due to , genuine misunderstanding, some bad habits that I have picked up and Rae’s lack of experience on the machinery. I have assessed and been assessed on multiple occasions throughout my working career and have never experienced feedback like we experienced today. We both felt that the feedback could have been delivered one to one rather than in a group setting.Strangely we can continue using the machinery although she made it patently clear that we were incompetent. Altogether a strange and bewildering experience. Next season we have a new site a new assessor and hopefully more support. It would have been helpful if the first contact from her had been earlier in the season so that we could have ironed out any problems prior to the end of season assessment.

Ho hum onwards and upwards.

Even Morvich man is looking a little bedraggled.

A waterfall not seen before cascading off the adjacent mountain.

Working tomorrow. The weather appears to be wet and stormy for the next 12 days or so. The van continues to leak which is not helping with the general mood. We have to take the awning down and dry it before we leave. Luckily there’s a drying room on site which will make the whole process easier!

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