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Not as expected

We visited the local Weatherspoons to watch the England game. It kicked off at 12. We got there a little early for breakfast. They very kindly put the game on for us to watch. As it turned out we were the only people in the pub who were remotely interested. A great game despite the lack of atmosphere.

We decided to make the most of a dry afternoon and headed for the hills.

I wanted to go on a familiar walk that meant a steep climb . Rae vetoed this as it had been raining heavily all last night and this morning. That didn't work out as expected. However we did get to stumble across this waterfall.

And managed to get a close up!

Then things got a little more precarious, as we headed up the hill.

Trying to dodge the numerous little frogs which we hope we avoided treading on.

We eventually reached the summit after a bit of scrambling. The reward was great views and not a person in sight.

Well that is apart from Rae lagging behind!

That was the easy part when we came to the descent we faced a near vertical path.

That's where we should have come down but we decided that it wasn't worth the risk and took the slightly less risky route.

Luckily we had our hiking poles with us. Even though we had them there were times we had to slide down on our backsides.

At the bottom there was a strange rock formation where a Romeo and Juliet situation happened many years ago. The boy was killed by her father and she spent the rest of her life living in the cave. She is supposed to be buried here and was made a saint?

We made it back to the car after about 9 miles, without a doubt the most challenging walk we have done since being up here. No broken bones so a win.

Tomorrow the rain is back, obviously ! We are heading off to the Trussocks for a few days. Hopefully we will be able to dodge or ignore the rain as we have a look around.

This is the hill we scaled.

One of the two hills that have been a landmark for us during our time here and can be seen from all over Fyfe.

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