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Not expecting that.

Woke up to this morning to great views across to Swansea. It was as forecast a beautiful start to the day. We were expecting it to remain the same for the rest of the day.

The journey to Minehead was a beautiful drive and we stopped on occasion for a walk and to admire the scenery. The road took us in and out of Lynmouth and the hills were as punishing by road as they were yesterday on foot.

But the views on the other side were worth it.

Both out to see and inland across Exmore.

That was the first stop and walk and we stopped again before we got to our destination.

In the distance it started to look a little ominous.

By the time we reached our destination the temperature had dropped and the sea mist had rolled in.

We were anticipating staying on the beach but a combination of the weather and the fact that there's a football match on tonight and as a result there could be some drunken people about ( not us obviously) we opted for a night on site. This will enable us to dry out grab a shower etc.

This was not the beach walk that we had anticipated.

At the time of writing we're in a dry warm van with the accompanying smell of a pre match pizza cooking.

Tomorrow we move onto Dunster to a previously used lay-by and catch up with Tony and Jenny.

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