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Nothing to report so let’s talk about crannocks.

The day was overcast but by and large dry. Usual comings and goings. Did a bit in the office and used the hedge trimmer to take of the tops of the hedges. Rae is going out with Simon tomorrow to tackle the sides. It’s fair to say that she’s a little apprehensive as it’s a big noisy bit of kit. Crannocks are man made islands there are some 600 of them in Scotland alone. Apparently some are 5000 years old and the newest are 17th century. They were formed by driving wooden posts in a circle off shore in a loch then filling that circle with stones. Once this is done you build your house or houses on them. You connect this to the shore by a bridge and hey presto you have a secure defendable dwelling. Genius. We have been walking and driving past these without knowing what they were . Now I’m keen to find as many as we can. Interesting and a point for walking. It’s also intriguing trying to work out if one is a crannoc or an island. There’s maps of them around just need to work out where they are in relation to us. This may or may not be one.

Well I find it interesting🧐

Work tomorrow and Saturday we have scheduled in our 3rd attempt at reaching the town over the mountain. This time we are walking and Simon and Judith have kindly agreed to supply doggy daycare for Gordon.

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