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Now that’s better.

We had a day of beautiful sunshine forecast and so it turned out. On the downside it was bloody cold last night temperatures well below zero.

Rae had her Spanish lesson today so I took the bike and headed for the nearest beach. I left Gordon so I could explore and plan the way.

It was only 30 minutes by bike and underlines what a great choice the campsite is.

Rae and Gordon drove and we met up for a walk along the beach. Another beautiful beach with hardly anyone else on it.

As we both said we never really appreciated how many beautiful beaches Scotland has. I guess the bathing season is a little shorter than down South.

At one end was Leven and the other a small village called Pavin with some unusual pieces of art.

Apparently they are celebrating a sailor who was shipwrecked on a desert island for over 4 years and was the basis of Robinson Crusoe.

Separating the two towns is another Links golf course apparently the top golf courses in the world. Links is taken from a old Saxon word meaning barrier between land and sea.

We returned home together in the car that's the joy of having a foldaway bike.

Glad we were able too make the most of the weather as the next week or so appears to be unrelenting rain.

Thinking if it's to unpleasant tomorrow we may head into one of the local cities to have a look around. My man flu turned out to be gender fluid flu so got off lightly. Rae maybe starting to show some symptoms.

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