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Odd jobs and local walks

Heavy rain last night gradually gave way to a drier day with increasing sunny spells culminating in a glorious summers evening as pictured above.

We spent the late morning early afternoon attempting to finally cure the leaks in both the van and the caravan. We have gone for the ultimate solution of Gorilla tape the one that repairs holes in boats and swimming pools. Aesthetically not too hot but hopefully provides a solution until we get it looked at on our return south. We are also experiencing an intermittent electrical problem in the caravan which we have been given a few possible solutions for. It turns out that the caravan we bought a Van Royce hence the name Luther. Is a collector’s van and as such there’s a dedicated forum that offers advice and support we have followed this advice so fingers crossed.

We did the loop from site via loch and back.

Passing these and then there are multiple abandoned derelict old crofts. Apparently they can’t be sold as they have covenants on them. These and similar are dotted throughout the Highlands. It seems strange that they are left to fall apart.

Strangely some have been worked on and converted into desirable living spaces. Whilst these are left to rot.

One saved.

Others waiting.

As I said these bothys are dotted all over the Highlands. They would surely have some value as a holiday let’s and or permanent local accommodation.

All in all a relaxing and productive day. We have sen buzzards, herons, sparrow hawks and seals. That’s without trying, apparently we have sea eagles nesting in the adjacent mountain that’s not a sentence I thought I would be uttering before we lived up here.

Working tomorrow and friends arriving. We are off to Ullapool a seaside town further north on Tuesday with them. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈😎

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