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Off Road to the beach

A late start as we had not a lot planned in the morning as Rae had her physio appointment at 12.

I jumped on the bike in an attempt to reach the beach without traversing the busy roads.

The lumps of Fyfe in the foreground as I set off along the pilgrims way. As it turned out it was a relatively easy route without Gordon's chariot dragging behind.

Although predominantly a walking path it was manageable.

The route took me past the Diageo distillery and world wide distribution center. Making and distributing brands like Smirnoff it is huge. Stretching for at least a mile of double banked warehouses.

The route then wound its way down the valley towards the coast.

We met up for lunch on the beach.

We then met back up at the van before settling off for an evening walk around the village of Markinch a reasonable climb up the hill.

Which then afforded us great view's back towards the village with the church spire poking through the canopy of trees.

Along the path under the railway

We managed to find a beer garden that was perfectly positioned for the evening sun.

We have been contacted by the planning enforcement officer at NFDC who has told us that we have to remove the container from the premises within 30 days. In the container is all our possessions!!! So we are heading home at the weekend to try and sort things out.

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