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Off to Elgin and plot spoiler whiskey still tastes like mouth wash😳

With permission we set off early! Thanks guys🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Via Inverness onto Elgin on the east coast. Another beautiful journey as we exited the highlands it became more and more reminiscent of home. We arrived at the campsite to find it was in sight of the local distillery so as it was on our to do list thought it made sense.

For £15 we got to sample this paddle ranging from 20 to 75 pounds a bottle. It all tasted like shite😊. In fairness we are not and probably will never be a convert to whiskey. I probably will stick to Guinness and rum. In the same way as I would rather drive a heap of shit than a Porsche it gets you to the same place but the journey is a little different.

We then wondered into Elgin via a statue to Lord Gordon!

And a view of Elgin

Past a couple of random statutes

And this one in the town Center.

Not a prosperous town but a pleasant change from the social isolation of the highlands. We heard there was a funfair in town so set out to explore.

The property prices round here are very good we could get a 7 bed house and 30 +acres for less than 500k. The Duke of Gordon’s statue dominates the sky line.

All I can find out about him is that they tried to blow him up in 1994 as he had evicted thousands from there homes. In othe words normal for a rich narcissistic psychopath.

Got there and thought oh my no children so settled on coming home after negotiations with candifloss sellers over the wall

So happy and home!

Our life now ps new hat from tk Max




You decide?

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Judith Burnett
Judith Burnett
Aug 03, 2021

G&T = Gin & Tonic

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