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Off to Granton on Spey

Set off early to explore the Cairngorms based in Granton. Not far from the famous Scottish ski resort of Avimore. Obviously no snow currently but it was a steady ascent from Inverness. We stopped off in Inverness for essential supplies possibly our last visit to our local town. We enjoyed our time here. Once we left Inverness the roads became wider and busier with many dual carriageways something we haven’t been exposed to since our arrival in March. An overcast day with the occasional shower. Temperature remains pleasant. A very bland but well kept campsite that relies heavily on its closeness to the town and proximity to the Cairngorms.

Town is a 7 minute walk from the site. We walked into town into a very Victorian high street. Unfortunately like most high streets nowadays no longer in its heyday.

With the highlight being and I quote a picturesque square. Fully equipped with sullen local youths.

The town itself is a little disappointing but the walk down to the river Spey was pleasant enough. Apparently the river is the fastest running river in Scotland. Today it was not evidently so.

We popped into a couple of pubs on route and they were up to standard. A little glimpse of life up here again very welcoming. After food we meandered back to site and contemplate the next day!

A a a tree creeper google and be as amazed as we were!!!!

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