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Off we go for real this time🫣

Spent the night in unnecessary B&B in Marchwood but on the plus side had a great breakfast and took Gordon out for a morning stroll down by the water. Then headed off towards Petersfield to recommence the South Down Way.

Stopping in West Meon for a catch-up with family.

Beautiful views on the way over as we drove through the South Downs national park. The taste of things to come on tomorrow's walk.

We have a plan .

We stopped in a lay-by with magnificent views another free camp.

Could Gordon look any more enthusiastic.

Rae has found a great app called park 4 the night. This let's you know where the suitable stopovers are and also when you find one you can add it for other like minded people.

We headed off to Halfords as Rae wanted to buy a steering wheel lock for security and peace of mind.

We both continue to adapt to the mobile lifestyle and are making adaptions as and when we need to both physically and psychologically 🫣.

The trip to Brighton should take about 3 days. We are planning on leaving the van here then driving the car to the destination and walking back to the van. The following day we drive the van to the next destination and then walk back to the car etc etc etc. Of course we run the risk of leaving the van in a lay-by all day and the possibility of theft of the van and or our stuff. That's something we are going to have to accept is a possibility or if we are doing the long distance walking trails then we will need to hop from campsite to campsite.

In the meantime we enjoy these views for free and we ain't working so all in all I think we are winning 😎.

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