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Oh dear

Weather was forecast as wet and it didn't disappoint. We heard from the garage and it looks like the MOT failure was a little more expensive than anticipated. Apparently some sensor or other that affects the emissions anyway it's set to cost in the region of £400. The car is 15 years old so I guess things will start to wear out!

So we decided to chance our arm and set off on our bikes. Initially it was fine and we took a different route than usual to get into town. It afforded some great views.

That was as good as it got. The heavens opened and we got caught in a hailstorm. There was some disapproving looks from our canine companion. Luckily he had his trailer with him and his overcoat.

We have plenty of water up here now so it can stop with the rain. Unfortunately not looking likely over the next 10 days or so.

The river's are back up to pre summer levels.

With water features to match.

Still no car but we managed to get enough shopping on the bikes to last for a few days. It's looking like we may have one not so bad day tomorrow so may take bikes or train as we look likely to have no car again.

Happy Dog before it all went downhill!

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