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Oh no Abdul

We had decided to go for a walk today but got slightly coerced by Abdul into taking his guided hike. Now maybe if we had been slightly less British we would have assertively declined but we agreed and we were given a time to set off in the morning.

It started well with a reasonably defined path.

The incline increased as did Abdul's pace. He wasn't particularly interested in making sure we were ok or if we could keep up.

The views were amazing the terrain was terrifying.

We managed to keep our footing just.

Then we found ourselves on precipices!

Abdul seemed bewildered that anyone should have any aversion to walking alongside crumbling paths with sheer drops 😱.

Luckily there was a nice safe descent into the valley!

This was the path down

At last terra firma at least the worst was over!!

Oh no now we were expected to walk along a narrow edge of an irrigation channel with spiky plants on one side and drops on the other.

Apparently not wheelchair accessible 😳

We were then shepherded into a ' typical Berber house' to sit as some poor female dished out mint teas and bread. Surprisingly there was an additional charge for this as well as some merchandise we could buy. Abdul took the money on behalf of the women as they would not understand man's work 😳.

This is the first time we have truly experienced the massive divide between men and women in this country.

We went out for a drive afterwards to unwind and relax. Abdul seemed less than happy with his fee being paid as agreed. He had told us he needed a new phone and obviously thought we would contribute. We were just happy we survived the ordeal!

It's a truly beautiful place and we have been privileged to be able too stay here. Unfortunately it's a place that attracts tourists because of the poverty. It feels a little voyaristic being here but on the flip side tourism brings needed money to the area.

A view from our hostel.

We are off tomorrow for 2.5 hour journey into the Draa Valley where we will follow the camel train route hopping from Oasis to Oasis. Eventually ending up in the Desert town of Zagora.

Glad we stayed but won't be making plans to return !

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