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Old friends!

Good night on the kerbside at MIL and then we set off to home ground. Spent time searching for Calor gas as it's a little rarer at the moment and markedly more expensive another unexpected consequence of the current shite times.

We then went off to discuss options for LPG system at Cobra and hopefully it will be able to be done which should reduce costs substantially.

We then dropped of the bike at Keith's repair shop and he's very kindly agreed to see if there's anything he can do for it.

In-between we popped to Costco filled up with Diesel 20p a liter cheaper.

We have set up next to the local graveyard before meeting up with family for a walk.

Gordon caught up with his relatives at the same time.

We then called round to see granddaughter as it's her birthday today.

We are deciding whether to buy an electric cargo bike to pull Gordon around and enable us to leave the car behind. We continue to investigate possibilities and there's a whole lot of language and technical stuff we have to get our heads around plus of course the financial commitment!

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