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Old places old faces

We spent a chilly night in the van before getting up and visiting Emma and then heading into town Rae visited chiropractor and I bought a new hiking jacket. Following this returned to Totton pick up Emma and went out for a walk in the forest. It remains a favourite place of ours and every day and every season it's a little different.

It was a bright and sunny day with a real touch of winter in the air.

The colours are a faded brown and the ground soft underfoot.

The two dogs seemed to be happy to be reunited and kept a close eye on us all.

We are with grandkids tonight as Emms is off out on a works do. It will be first time we have slept in a house since September so it will be interesting. Strangely I'd rather be in the van so we shall see.

Went for a carvery this evening with 2 of the grandkids and had a very pleasant evening.

Taking granddaughter ice skating tomorrow and then not sure what we will be up to.

Rae is off to visit a friend during the day.

I think the weather is set to be ok so will look to further outside activities!

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