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There was divided opinion in the camp. I felt a 6.5 hour drive towards the border of Morocco was a great idea the rest of us had serious reservations. However we set off in relatively good humour.

I was driving and my co pilot on the most part was stead fast. It didn't help that the first part of the journey was uphill continuously on winding roads. They did afford great views.

Where there's an up there's a down. Again great views and mercifully little traffic. We have learned to approach hairpin bends with caution and stop if any traffic approaches.

An idea of the bends.

We got down safely and then what should have been a warning occurred. We came across a flooded road where young men guided you across barefoot for a small fee. Well we thought that was the worst of it.....

This was the first sight of snow capped mountains we thought this was exciting...

We then climbed up above the snow line and thought this was the worst of it...

Came off the plateau to more beautiful scenery and the end was not far or so we thought.

We then came across this river. There was a yellow sign in Arabic and some rocks in the road. The van in front went round both so we followed. The first one was a little hairy but ho hum. The second one was deeper and faster!!! The third one had a crowd gathered to watch. There was a que of cars each side sitting contemplating what to do. We sat and watched for a bit as SUVs crossed hesitantly a few smaller cars hesitated. We bottled it and retraced our steps. Unfortunately the rivers we had previously crossed were swelled by the melting snow off the mountains.

We had put another 2 hours on our journey.

But on the positive side it took us back above the snow line once more and it was beautiful.

off the other side avoiding road hassards along the way.

Eventually we found our turnoff down a rutted farm track, past a film set. Following the signs to the hostel.

We nearly got to it when the road we were following disappeared into craters.

We were then surrounded by a group of men who told us that the place was closed then inaccessible then that a big lorry was coming to get us. Then we were told that we had been found alternative accommodation and a man got into our car to direct us . We arrived by now it's pitch black. There are no lights in the new place . We were ushered in still in total darkness. Men appeared banging the fuse box and we had light. To say we had misgivings would be an understatement. But we were caught between a rock and a hard place. So we stayed.

There's Wi-Fi and we have on-sweet . The place is listed so hopefully we will survive the night.

We are currently sitting in the cold waiting for food.

It didn't help that one of the men unrolled a big carpet in front of us! I said to Rae if they get some plastic sheeting I'm offski rapid like!!!!

At the moment I would swap place's with the fellow on the truck!!!

Well hopefully we can be traced by our phones!!

I will update if we are not gagged and bound!

On a serious note it was the most beautiful drive I've undertaken since and maybe before South America. Totally unexpected snow beautiful scenery and majestic wilderness.

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