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On our bikes

The weather was good today so we took the opportunity to saddle up and head for the coast. Kilkaldy is about 10 miles away if you don't deviate from the route.We unfortunately did deviate a lot on the way there and got a little lost on the way back. But no harm done and we saw bits of Kilkaldy that we had previously overlooked.

Apparently this castel was never finished and never inhabited. It was started by King James but no one knows exactly why it was built and why they gave up halfway through.

We took the opportunity to stop and Huel up before we explored the beautiful park that ran along the cliff top.

As you can see the bluebells are resplendent and there are the occasional view out across the bay towards Kilkaldy centre.

We've visited Kilkaldy previously and it's a typical rundown seaside town with a lot of social deprivation in evidence.

This end was certainly the nicest by far. The parks up here are so much nicer than the ones down south. They do have a lot more space than we do. Which may account for it?

Returned home a slightly longer way via a couple of wind turbines.

Not sure of plans for tomorrow as Rae has Spanish and then a meeting to discuss volunteering with the Fife coast and countryside trust.Gordon and I will set off to explore the pilgrims way,

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