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On the mend and on the move.

Raes improvement continues and is a lot more mobile. She has another chiropractor appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed we can start to plan the journey north soon.

Met up with my sister who gave me a birthday present she had been making for me.

A beautiful thing that she hand carved for me. Unfortunately some repetitive strain injuries to her whittling thumb. I very much appreciate the effort and skill that went into it.

We met in Eastleigh and the views were not we are used to!

We then moved the van back to Calmore as we begin collecting are possessions and packing the van before we set off.

Met up with friend Gerald for a walk around Testwood lakes.

Definitely better than Eastleigh but a long way off what are getting used too north of the border.

Gordon appears to be wanting to get in on the sympathy bandwagon with his own injury to his paw.

Hopefully both on the mend soon.

Tomorrow Rae has a Spanish lesson in the morning chiropractor in the afternoon and I have dentist in between. So fun day for us all.

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