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On the road again

We started the day by saying goodbye to friends and relatives filling up with diesel OMG that's got expensive. Costco was mayhem but at least we saved 10p a liter.

It was a dank and miserable start to the day and it didn't improve as we drove towards Morton in Dorset some 10 miles from Dorchester.

This is the village that my father was born and bought up in. His father was a tenant farmer and his mother a daughter of a professor. My grandmother is buried here.

We will return to clean up the headstone before we leave. The grave in the background is that of Lawrence if Arabia.

My father new him and described him as a very odd chap.

Next to the graveyard is the walled gardens and cafe.

Close by is the widest ford in Dorset a place where we've bought the grandkids to splash about in.

Alternatively you can avoid getting damp like Gordon did.

And next to this is the most beautiful church I've been in . During the war a bomb was detonated near by destroying all the stained glass windows. They have been replaced by an artist called Whistler by etchings. The result is a light airy church. Apparently the only church like this in the world.

Here's some of the windows fireworks depicted in one and other topical depictions.

A beautiful place well worth a visit.

Tomorrow if the trains run we will head towards Weymouth.

There's a big storm heading our way so we have booked a campsite near Bridport to see out the high winds.

The current site is great nestled in the forest with deer roaming on site and compostable toilets.

It's been a battle with the internet and the website but after much walking ,swearing and failed attempts I managed to cobble something together without having to go to the pub for the Wi-Fi obviously!!

If anyone is in the area it's definitely worth a look!

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That is an unusual and beautiful church. I have been to TE Lawrences house near there but need to visit the church sometime. The weather has been wild today, it’s surprisingly mild out there now…. Safe journeys, I suspect your van will be faring better than our gazebo these days!!!😂😂 these winds are a nightmare…… 😂

Replying to

No still in Romsey. MHAA in new forest today….. boy was it cold and sleety….. You guys take care and keep warm…. The Kingdom of Fife is beautiful as is most parts of Edinburgh, I hope they receive and care for you well…. Xx

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