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Only 10 minutes away

We made the most of the improvement in the weather and decided to follow a new walk which started about 10 minutes drive away . It was a 10 mile circuit.

We had no idea of the terrain or type of countryside we would be walking through.

We parked next to some reservoirs.

A series of 3

Before heading up into the hills.

The walk took us through the valleys and after a long and very steep climb to the summit.

With panoramic views across a large lock which is a nature reserve.

We are both looking forward to exploring that further as it has a walk right around the edge of it.

All in all it was a surprisingly great walk. Again we are blessed with the access to beautiful walks and wide open spaces.

Tomorrow the weather is looking ok so more walks in the pipe line.

Got home to a very noisy squirrel helping himself to the birdseed. We had a very agitated response from our resident squirrel chaser.

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