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Only one day to go !

Brutal day of rain and increasingly windy. The day started off badly as we were planning on moving the van to Eastleigh so we could store it for the time we are away. But the battery was flat luckily Gary was in and willing to help. So after a few aborted attempts we managed to jump start it. I the dropped the bikes and other bulky stuff off at the container.

Van successfully stored back to pick up dogs and a very brief walk locally which was curtailed by heavy rain.

Granddaughter picked up from school fed and bed.

Gordon not feeling the walk again.

Tomorrow up and dropping Gordon off for 6 weeks Rae less than impressed and is already missing him.

Coach leaves from Southampton at 4 tomorrow and 11.00 from Victoria arriving in Paris at 8.30 then leaving 5.30 for Madrid arriving at 10.00 . So lots of coaches and hopefully sleep will be possible in transit. 🫣

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