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Operation Puffin

A beautiful day so once Rae had completed her Spanish lesson we booked our ferry trip to the isle of May pictured in the background of the header photo. Only one boat a day is licensed to travel to the island and land. This is to keep the numbers down and protect the wildlife.

We are hoping to see the Puffins who are currently nesting. Unfortunately Gordon is not allowed to come ( for obvious reasons). So we are going on to separate days Monday and Tuesday of next week. To facilitate this we had to find a suitable location for the van near to the departure point in Anstruther. There were two possibilities.

The first was in a small carpark outside the adjacent town.

Not too shabby and only costs £10 for 24 hours and it has 24 hour toilets on site.

This is the view the other way.

Fyfe council have allocated some carparks with set aside parking spaces for campers. It's in an attempt to reduce the free camping that is at times overwhelming and also to raise some revenue.

Makes sense and helps us out.

The second option was nearer the departure point but not nearly as nice.

Although the view was not horrible.

We then walked the 3 miles to Anstruther and back.

So all systems are go we will leave here on Sunday and take up residence on the seafront for a few days visit the puffins walk and generally enjoy the location.

Having completed our mission satisfactorily we returned to base by the swimming pool for a few lengths.

Tomorrow another dry day but not as sunny as today so a walk will be on the cards as Gordon doesn't do well in the heat🫠.

Currently he's on guard duty as the site is overwhelmed with Squirrels at the moment with lots of babies flaunting themselves at him.

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