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Ouch pissed off!

Well. Last night it was raining surprisingly! Anyho I had been waiting for a new pair of non slip walking shoes. Long story short I had been waiting for a while as the delivery firm found it impossible to locate a bloody great Campsite in a very small village. Decided to have it delivered to the local Coop . They turned up early evening.

Now instead of waiting until the morning I braved the elements and drove to pick them up. All ok so far on my return I decided to walk up the gentle slope to dispose of an inconsequential piece of rubbish, in my crocs(essentiall campsite apparel) on the way back ( not one drink) I slipped and fell on the gentle slope as indicated below. I would have made an epileptic hippocampus look graceful. 🤐 it bloody hurt my reaction was muted not only trying to minamalise my embarrassment but little people in tents were close by.

Well at least I NOW have non slip shoes!

I've been relegated to the sofa as it entails one less set of precarious steps. Decided to wait for the morning before deciding what to do.

Woke up still couldn't weight bear so contacted the Scottish version of 111. I was able to book an appointment at the walk in centre 30 miles away in and out x rayed and sent on my way. The likelihood is that there's no breaks so will have to wait for the bruising to come out.

Meanwhile Rae headed for the hills with the All Trail app.

It's given her a confidence boost as previously she would not have ventured off by herself on an unfamiliar route.

Unfortunately she forgot her charger so she had to cut it short .

Tomorrow England are playing in the morning and the weather appears to be improving. So I may drag my sorry ass to the beach and be that old person! 🥴

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