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Our first Camel and a stroll on the beach

Updated: Jan 25

The weather turned a little colder today and there were clouds in the sky and I think we may have our first few drops of rain.

We walked around Tangier into the central city and along the beach. They are investing huge amounts of money into the city at the expense of the rest of country. The plan is to make Tangier the gateway to Morocco and a Center of technology.

As a result there are great walkways along the beach and waterfront adjacent to building sites. This place will be unrecognisable in 5 years time.

In the meantime camels and Arab horses are offering rides on the beach.

Our time in Tangers is drawing to a close and we head off tomorrow on a coach to Chefachouen the blue city. It's 2.5 hours away, coach has been booked and the coach station is a 1.5 hour walk from the house.

The weather looks great during the day but heading for freezing at night. We have 5 nights booked in the hostel. Then probably Fes after that. We are heading south after the stay in the Riff valley so it will get warmer.

Tangier has been a pleasant surprise. We've not been set upon no hard sales and there's been nothing but polite and positive interactions.

Even the hordes of stray cats and dogs seem to be calm and well fed

Having said all of that a day or at most 2 would be sufficient if you were considering a trip to Morocco.

Oh and the access to the internet leaves a lot to be desired. Which continues to explain the lack of pictures.

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