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Out out living alongside travellers and freedom!

We arrived in Inverness via Loch Ness as her beside me insisted on the long way as it was a little wider less bendy and no dramatic edges. Apparently I’m more trustworthy on a straight A road than a single track B road. We could have stayed for free on a sister site but it was further out and no showers or toilets. So we decided on the campsite 30 minutes from the Center. We set up amongst the flood water having got stuck in the mud. At this stage we were the only non travellers on site! We got a call asking us to return to the site as we had a flat bed truck and it was

lowering the tone😱. All resolved amicably. We were chatting to fellow campers when I asked one man how his daughter was getting on to be informed it was his wife! Think I got away with it.

Walked into Inverness charity shops Tk max glasses fixed and a couple of Guinness!!

Across the river Ness and it’s islands

Into town

Back alongside the river on the other side!

The facilities on site are interesting

Tomorrows a scheduled rest day.

ps passed a load of kids playing shinty I will have to google it? It looks a lot like hockey on steroids all had face masks. Anyone seen it or played it?

Probably a short entry tomorrow.

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