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A good day both weather wise and work wise. We spent the day strimming and hedge cutting. It was nice to work alongside Simon and Rae outside and it was a productive day. Rae has gained some valuable experience on the machines. As part of the job we have to undergo an assessment to prove we can use the machinery. It seems a little strange that we are going to be tested on machinery that we have been using daily for the season. However ours is not to reason why….

Update on the dramatic rescue of a few days ago. The coast walker. He has fully recovered and returned to the site. He is going to continue with his 7500 miles walk. Apparently he’s a very opinionated man with strong views on immigration but is raising thousands for the Gurkhas! As they say nowt as strange as folk!

We received some pictures of our time with Neil and family from our trip.

We are working tomorrow and unfortunately rain is forecast all day tomorrow. As I write it’s just starting.

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