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Packing and aborted walks

Another early start as we had to be at grandkids by 7 to get them up dressed and off to school. In the in between times I met up with Gary for a walk and Rae was off having bits of her body realigned at the chiropractor.

We have started getting clothes packed for the trip in 8 days time.!

We decided to try the circular walk starting and finishing at Calmore industrial site where are vans are located.

Started off but quickly had to turn round as the rivers had burst there banks so we went anti clockwise instead.

Luckily there was a bridge over this one. It was wet underfoot but luckily we were appropriately protected foot wise.

We had a brief encounter with a couple of swine on the way.

Unfortunately we got towards the scheduled end of the walk to find we had been cut off. Gary attempted a crossing but was manfully beaten back.

So we had to retrace our steps but luckily got back in time for the school pickup. Myself and granddaughter went out for ice cream before returning home for supper and lunch and bed.

Tomorrow we are on duty again but have arranged to catch up with a couple of friends for a walk in the forest and possibly lunch.

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