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Palaces and locks

Probably one of the most consistent wet day we have had since we traveled north. It rarely if at all let up.

We had received a new lock for the habitation bit of the van. We spent the entire morning trying to fit it. We had it on correctly or so we thought but the bloody thing would not stay locked. We eventually contacted the supplier who agreed to call us back. Which they did in the afternoon! Apparently it's a a faulty one and they had dealt with a similar problem today with another customer. Deep breath and send it back we will. On the plus side despite a lot of faffing and frustration we are still talking to each other!

We drove a few miles down the road to the village of Falkland to visit the Palace there.

As you can see the weather was far from summery. The palace is now in the custody of the National Trust with the aristocratic family still in residence. They are the custodian of the castle in the name of the King and remain so to this day. There job was to ensure the palace was ready for when the king or queen were visiting. They had to leave there normal residence and make sure everything was in place.

King Charles 1 and 2 visited as did Mary and the James's. It was used mainly as a hunting lodge for them as they toured Scotland on route to St Andrews. It lay derelict for over 200 years before being restored to its former glory.

It boasts the oldest Real Tennis Court in the world that's still in operation. . Prince Edward still plays. It seems to be a cross between squash and lawn tennis. Inside there were several swallow nest full of chics nearly ready to leave the nest.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but it was an extrodinary place. Made better with real guides in every room willing to answer questions and give you a potted history.

The grounds are extensive and we will return at a later date when the weather is more favourable. Luckily we have our NT membership who's is valid UK wide.

Following the visit we headed off for a swim before returning home.

Weather supposed to be slightly better tomorrow so we shall ad see how that pans out before we make any decisions on activities.

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