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Party faux pas and the cinema

We enjoyed the party last night but unfortunately someone had the foresight to video the dance competition 😱. Now the reason one drinks is so one can make a dick of one's self and not remember. So not only am I nursing a hangover I've got the evidence delivered to my phone🫣. I will say though that I won against Rae and daughter!

We've moved industrial sites back to the original one.

Once settled we managed to dodge the showers grabbed Derek( dog) and headed out into the forest.

We've booked campsite in Dorchester for next weekend as we once again head off. This is the first stop in the tour of the West Country Lyme Regis is currently our planned stop off after Dorchester.

Hopefully we will be able to get the LPG conversion sorted by then as it will dramatically reduce the cost of the gas we are using especially as we will need to use the heating at some point soon.

Met up with sister to go and see the film The Banshees of Inisheren not usually a fan of films in the cinema unless they need the big screen Star Wars for example. But this was an exception beautifully filmed, well acted, funny, sad , tragic, brutal and poignant. I would definitely recommend seeing this and was glad my sister suggested this.

Tomorrow we are getting our flu and covid injections so at least that's sorted.

The boys reunited!

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